About Us

Professional Notary Services Company


 has its offices in Bucharest, Dorobanţi – Floreasca area, at 53-55 Intrarea Tudor Ştefan, District 1, which is a street that connects Calea Dorobanţilor and Calea Floreasca.

We have two associated public notaries who work in our professional notary services company:

* BĂNUŢĂ GEORGETA – public notary

* BĂNUŢĂ BIANCA-AURELIA – public notary 

The company employs collaborating secretaries, with a high quality training and very good experience in notary activity and notary delegates who carry out services of real estate publicity in the land book as well as procure the required documents for the conclusion of notary documents.

The notary office also collaborates with certified translators and interpreters in all foreign languages who:
-participate at obtaining the consent by an interpreter and signs the notary documents, with clients who do not speak Romanian language;
-provide translations of documents from a foreign language into Romanian and retranslation of documents presented by clients, and the translators signatures are legalized by the public notary.

The authentication of property sale and purchase contracts and any notary procedure is made after a thorough verification of the history of the property including the purchase of the property by the seller and the cadastru documentations, registrations of the property in the land book and of all the documents presented by the parties or which are related to them. All of these services are carried out in compliance with the current law, the notary provides services of registration in the land book, obtaining of cadastru documentations and authentication of registrations.

Based on a power of attorney, the notary office can obtain documents which prove the history of the property.

For the inheritance procedure the notary office can ensure the provision of the required documents such as extracts of land book and fiscal certificates, upon the request of the parties and a power of attorney.